doTERRA was founded in 2008 and is focused on sharing only the highest quality and purest essentials oils to its’ customers. The corporate office is located at 389 South 1300 West, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062. In addition to a strong management team, doTERRA partners with highly regarded and accomplished medical and scientific advisors, as well as various institutions. This commmitment brought about doTERRA creating the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Guide. The company’s plants are sourced and harvested from experienced growers around the world. These plants are then carefully distilled and tested to ensure they adhere to CPTG.

doTERRA’s products are sold through its’ distributor network. Utilizing distributors allows a more personal and customized customer experience. There are currently now over 2 million doTERRA Wellness Advocates worldwide. To learn more about becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocare, please contact us at